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Pet dog belt roll heat press machine

Category Industrial category

Product Models DBX-1700B

Packing Weight 1500KG

Packing Size 167*90*135cm


For Roll and Piece fabric transfer

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  • Product Detail

Large format garment rotary heat transfer printing roll to roll heat
transfer machine

1.Continuous speed adjustment system

2. speed: 150-200meters/h

3. heat transfer printing machine and  heat transfer paper printing machine

4.Energy:380v or 220v
5.Air pressure
6.Oil heating


The complete detail Roll heat Press machine 

MANUFACTURER: Guangzhou, China
MODEL: Roll Heat press machine
Work table size approx               3500 x 1850 MM
Effective print width approx.                            3500 x 1850MM
Blanket width approx.                                    2000MM
Heating elements  
Number minimum                                                      10 to 12
Heating power                                                   15-28KW
Heat transfer medium                                              Oil
Cartridge heater Ø approx.                              220 V or 380 V, 3 phase
Electrical details  
Suitable for electrical system of . comply
Three phase comply
Voltage   please state                                              380v or 220v
Frequency                                          0-399
Operating speed                                      0-999sec
Noise level                                                    < 30 dBA
Control panel  
Control panel operation size details 27cm*35cm
Heat press machine Dimensions  
Length                                                                       3100mm
Width                                                                      2680mm
Height                                                                     1370mm
Weight                                                                      1500KG
Optional Equipment  
Please provide priced details of optional equipment customer request
SERVICE SUPPORT 1 Year warranty



More details :

1.The most advanced technology and imported units arew adopted by machine controlling system with automatic positioning , accuracy together with security ,electronic constant temperature controlling wtih high accuracy, long service life and other features


2.Heating wheel is controlled by sealed and heat-oil heating to efficiently ensure the even and stable temperature


3. Printing speed is equipped with continuous speed adjustment system ,feeding equipment is convenient for operation ith swiftness and high reliablity.


4 Equipped with continuous speed adjustment system,you can adjust printing speed as you need ,The roller was heating up with oil and temperature heating system.


5.  Roller heat transfer Digital t shirt printing machine, one year warranty 



Features of Elephant New Model Roll Heat Press Machine:

1.Prevent workers hand into the cylinder (when they are working)

2.Having automatic device for deviation and correction of blanket and conveyor belt

3.Having the function to avoid the scissor damaging the blanket

4.The Blanket can be off the heat drum competely for 8cm distance. No need to cool down the blanket when you want to stop the machine which saves energy, it can also prevent, the blanket burn out when power off suddenly.

5.Machine has explosion-proof equipment and emergency stop button,more safe.

6.having the outer oil tank which is more easy to fill in the oil and more safe

7. With breathable conveyor belt which make fabric heat dissipating faster and prevent color ghosting.

8.With updated air expanding equipment for sublimation paper, finished paper and tissue paper. 



Roller heat transfer printing machine photo 










The package photo for Rotary Printing Heat transfer machine for Textile


Roll heat press machine video:




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