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How to Use Ribbon Heat Press Machine and Notes

How to Use Ribbon Heat Press Machine and Notes

Guangzhou Elephant Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, is a production, agents, and maintenance and processing as one of the digital printing company. The company's Ribbon Heat Press Machine uses intelligent energy-saving technology, intelligent controller, auto repair flatness and other advanced technology to ensure that the device has a high precision measurement and control, good temperature stability, temperature balance, simple operation.

Let's tell us how to use of Ribbon Heat Press Machine:
1. Turn on the power Press the start button until the rope from the conduction band to send the device, check whether the patterns with the direction, diameter, etc., to be in line with the requirements, the process speed to the rotational speed of the position;
2. product quality inspection;
3. The surface should be smooth with no defect, error-free yarn, less yarn, colored flowers, hemp belt, flat belt, stretching, insufficient diameter;
4. Check the operation of the machine, the plastic wire view, weft winding operation condition;
Holding above operation until the finished product.
Ribbon Heat Press Machine Notes:
1. Those who want to use electrical things should guarantee its insulation performance is good, so the weaving machine should be interpolated using a three-wire power source as the channel that contacts the ground should be kept intact, the power supply voltage and current should follow the instructions strictly comply with the instructions;
2. After the boot should first check all the machines, the device can be operated normally;
3. When no operation should promptly disconnect the power, when people leave the machine should cut off the power;
My company has been "innovation and development, credit management, reasonable price" philosophy; the company advocates "professional, pragmatic, efficient and innovative" spirit of enterprise, specializes in digital printing machines and printing supplies and processing one-stop service; we honest and courteous, credit-oriented philosophy to provide our customers with the highest quality products, the best service, the most professional technology.

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