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Printing machine transition: from manual to automatic

Printing machine transition: from manual to automatic
About the Author: Garrett Kaule and his father Kaules Screen Works is a partner, the company was established in 2006. The company is a traditional screen printing business, providing four-color printing and dyeing dialing service
From 2006 textile screen printing business began just appeared, my father Bob and I know the future will certainly be automatic printing machine appears. But like anything else, we are aware of the progress of time and plans are crucial two points.
      Because we had done their homework and preparation, this transition becomes very easy task. After using six colors of manual press for eight years, there are eight automatic color printing machine has been produced in the past June. Advantages automatic printing machine is directly visible. Our turnaround time is now down to three to six days from two weeks ago. Even if the number of orders has become more and more, we can quickly printing.
       This way I have more time to sell, we can put these printing machines sold to customers who need a lot of production printing. In fact, learning to use the new printing machine is not so difficult, because our new printing machine is also very intuitive and easy to use. Some people may ask why the transition from manual to automatic printing machine printing opportunities so slow? In fact, the biggest reason is that this equipment came from automatic printing machine operation requires more other things to support. .
       And my family to do the screen printing business for almost a century together, we are aware that one of the changes, and the potential for errors. So even if we have long engaged in business in this area, until my father that the use of automatic printing machine is a must, and began to be used in Kaules Screen Works.
  Early years
      After the start of the printing business year, we decided to focus on individual decoration, our factory moved to an area of ​​3000 square feet and convenient transportation place. Even when we do not have automatic printing machine, we know that we will finally buy a device is added to the original ranks.
        We use the first dryer section is 54 inches wide and has 14 feet of the belt dryer. At that time it was actually bigger than we needed, but we decide to buy a single machine can be automatically produced, so that we do not need to add or upgrade the dryer. This is a big risk, but finally let us benefited.
        Once you have a dryer, we chose to focus on the future mesh pretreatment equipment, our exposure machine can be applied to 23 "x 31" screen.
        We begin by looking at some of the articles, the Internet, participation in industry trade show with manufacturers to study the automatic exchange of printing machines, we purchased we see the first automatic printing machine in ISS activities, because we think we are ready to shop easy to use it.
       Wherein the preparation comprises a portion of the air compressor increasing. We know that just bought a printing machine can help us determine the size we need air compressor. We saw on Ebay in a very consistent and can be found locally.
From the outset, we try to use the best equipment, so that when the need to upgrade equipment, we do not need to re-buy anymore. At the same time, we are also very concerned about the price.
        In addition to the main support equipment and automatic printing machine prices, we also realize that the same power is the key question we need to consider - and that can be very expensive. Fortunately, our workshop has a three-phase four-wire power supply, so that we can save a lot of money.
          We had to use a 30-amp, 220 single-phase circuit to launch printing machine, as well as with 30-amp, three-phase four-wire power supply circuit to start the compressor. The new flash device even need two 35-amp power supply and three-phase four-wire circuit.
         In our printing large room, we used copper wire connected to an air compressor and printing machine, we use the same way across the entire plant in order to provide sufficient air to each room. Now, there is a wash stand next to an air line to blow the screen, and also has an embroidery department. Our ventilation and exhaust system are very satisfactory, because we have installed a few years ago.
Consider the location
        If you are considering the purchase of an automatic printing machine, consider your workshop and where it is placed. Look zoning, fire and building codes, in consultation with the business next door to ensure that the installation of such a printing machine does not cause any problems. Even if we did not encounter any problems, we have heard that some companies do not find out about them before the building on the installation and operation of the automatic printing machine, and later found the installation area is not suitable for heavy machinery, had to tear it down.
        Workshop layout is also a need to consider. We have some empty places, but it must be cleaned before the installation and place machine, rearranged. In addition to the position on something like wire, we also need to consider the ergonomics and workflow.
We also remember the first new printing machine moved into the workshop. This means that after installation can be checked to ensure that there can not shut the door in its designated location with internet access. We must also ensure that there is enough space for installation work staff.
          If you think this sounds like a lot of things need to be considered, then you are wrong, in fact, there are more things you need to consider. For example, the building is suitable for machine downstairs passage through, rented forklift shovel fit together with, if you have to hire a crane fork may extend so much the better. Looking down from the printing machine transport truck also makes me tremble in fear.
           Overall, we moved to the machine house of this process was very smooth. Installation technicians in just a few hours to complete the installation of the printing machine, and then spent a long time to teach us how to set up and operate it. When he left, we have to fully understand the basic principles of printing machine and a simple operation, and what is appropriate cloth for printing. Tuesday when the technician and Tuesday this day we have sealed the first dress - only one color clothes.
Offset printing
        Automatic printing and manual printing machine is very different - especially if you want to print three to four kinds of colors on the same piece of clothing of the time, but we did not encounter a number of other major issues. The biggest problem is learning how to control the viscosity of the ink and screen mesh these variables. The biggest challenge we face include the need for a larger screen and do not know how to use wire mesh is appropriate.
        We learn in an automatic printing machine of these, we can use a thinner ink substituted dedicated to softening of the substrate, we can at last use more and more significant wire mesh screen to obtain a white image. Manual presses have become more wide trend, sometimes automatic ink printing machine needs to be adjusted as we are accustomed to using.
        We found that adjusting the angle and pressure rubber cleaning brush to avoid its heat is very important. In an automatic printing machine has a lot of things can affect printing, such as adjusting the pressure control, to ensure a high degree of flash stamp out beautiful. We use some discarded shirt to do a lot of printing test and there was no issue of defective products. Our plan also included before installing the set to work as quickly as possible as well as to let customers know that the shipment may delay. They understand the long-term interests, and I hope we can succeed.
Automatic power
        In our shop, we usually try to reduce costs and maintain low wages, outsourcing, art and design, when necessary would ask outside help. Most of the prints are me and my dad do, I also responsible for sales, when he retired from the power plant engineers responsible for production.
         With the increase in production volume, our automatic printing machine also attracted to some companies, we have also been able to shorten the printing time. Automatic printing machine which can produce 500 hand clothing in an hour can only produce one hundred.
       So I have more time for other business a. When we got to the need to increase the workers, we have designed printing machine is set up so that a new church workers to use is not a problem.
        Now, we focus on making "self-power" the greatest degree of play, help us to promote its production capacity and to explore new opportunities. Let people know that we can more quickly, a large amount of printing. Even if we are already ASI decorators, traditional decor is still our main market and we are pursuing an independent clothing line, via Facebook, Instagram, Google as well as the traditional way.
         Our goal is to produce more fashion products for a number of musicians and bands printing. After a few years of outsourcing large orders, we are ready to raise himself to another level up.
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