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What is thermal transfer, what are the main basic types, her

What is thermal transfer, what are the main basic types, here are

Also known as dye-sublimation thermal transfer, is the portrait, landscape and so any image using sublimation ink printed on plain paper or high-precision printing paper, and then through the corresponding heat transfer equipment thermal heating in minutes to a certain temperature, the process of a special paper, vivid color image is transferred onto mugs, plates, porcelain, clothing, metal and other materials on.
Heat transfer machine can be divided according to the varieties of the machine. Divided into: heat transfer machine, flat iron machine, high pressure heat press machine, shaking his head heat press machine, roasted Cup machine, hotplate machines, baking cap machine these categories.
1, thermal transfer printed pattern is the new method of goods on a variety of materials, especially for the production of small amounts of a variety of personal and customized goods, and printing full color images contain a pattern or picture. The principle is that the digital pattern through the printer to a special transfer ink printed on special transfer paper, then transfer to a dedicated machine, high temperature and pressure to the precise pattern is transferred to the surface of goods, complete printed product.
2, thermal transfer technology transfer can also use a variety of different materials to achieve different printing results, the most important are film transfer and sublimation transfer printing.
Film transfer transfer paper containing gum, and then to high temperature and pressure manner gum pattern printed on the surface of Goods
Sublimation transfer is the next generation of technology, using a special sublimation ink and sublimation transfer paper. Logo printed on the merchandise does not produce glial, if the transfer to the clothes, sublimation ink is directly into the clothing fibers, dyed cloth securely degree just as sharp and color, is more suitable for the colorful patterns
3, thermal transfer goods
Not all goods can be thermal transfer printed pattern, involving heat resistance of goods, smoothness, ... and other factors.
Due to advances in technology, the use of thermal transfer technology has developed a mature product include: clothes, cloth bags, hats, pillows, mugs, tiles, watches, mouse pads, coasters, hanging calendar, medals, pennants, ... et on hundreds of products. Cool Music Network will use the latest thermal transfer and other technologies continue to develop more personalized products, from head to toe, from wear to use, satisfy your desire for a unique heart.
4, textile transfer
Common textile transfer printing technology is film transfer and sublimation transfer printing.
(1) sublimation transfer technology mainly applies only to the surface of polyester fibers (polyester) clothes, such as quick exhaust undershirt and shirt Physical comfort and the best (location of the printed pattern white clothes white, but other clothes portion may be other colors, such as color sleeve). Colored clothes after using the digital sublimation, ink and colored fiber fusion of colors make the pattern different from the original, it is not recommended.
(2) film transfer technique is mainly used in high cotton content of clothes. Various colors Jieke film transfer, but the higher prices to use dark clothes "special transfer paper dark clothes," glial heavier and less stable quality. Cool Music Network Release temporarily transferred dark clothes, to be launched after the technology is more mature. Ceramics ceramic commodity transfer using sublimation transfer, at a high temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius, the ink sublimation onto merchandise, sharp color, pattern, solid high. But for the mug is not directly transferred, it must undergo a coating (coating) special treatment, in order to transfer the pattern up.
5, in leather, textile fabrics, glass, metal, plastic, crystal, wood, coated paper sheets and other material to any relatively flat, one-time multi-color, any complex color, transition color digital printing presses, it is not need plate, drying board chromatic and complex procedures, without causing damage to the material.
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