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What is the Epson 5113 head

What is the Epson 5113 head
Epson 5113 head
Currently used nozzle 5113 photo machine already on the market, then 5113 is a kind of head Nick.
Epson 5113 is a new type of nozzle Piezo print head, the nozzle gets its name from its first use Epson 5113 inkjet printer
The industry's general practice is to separate the Epson head, the other heads of industrial companies produced called nozzle head, the vast majority of so-called industrial monochrome inkjet head nozzles are single.
Industrial head just a habit, it is called in the industry, with a nozzle does not matter whether it is more industrial, with a head it has nothing on the difference between life and quality performance.
The industry believes that the Epson 5113 is not called nozzle industrial nozzle, it will not cover outstanding 5113 performance in the history of digital inkjet nozzle machine in bright light.
Epson 5113 head of the main features:
1, the number of nozzles: Epson 5113 head has eight rows of nozzles, a single row of holes 400, a total of 3200 whole nozzle orifice, than the only orifice Epson 1440 Five head, well be many.
2, head width: 5113 nozzle print effective width of 1.3 inches, than previous Epson introduced the first Five, seven generations of the head, at least more than 30% of the width;
3, speed performance: the use of digital inkjet machine nozzle 5113, 3PASS can achieve high-speed printing, print speeds up to 30 single-head machine square / hour;
4, price: 5113 currently head of market prices are far lower than has pushed up the Epson Five head.
Over the years, Epson sprinklers redevelopment digital inkjet machine, and constantly have new developers to join. Experts in the development of the course, the original design of the nozzle of deepening understanding, the formation of a lot more mature development programs, to market a lot based on the superior performance of the jets Epson digital inkjet products. We can see the nozzle on the market use 5113 machines continue to emerge, it is the best answer.
Original 5113 nozzle can only use water-based ink, now we are trying to transform it, to expect can be used to use oil-based ink and uv ink.

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