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Through the CE certification.
Leading Core Technology in China.
Reach International Standard.

10 years experiences in sublimation printing.
supply an one-stop service.
Direct User of products.

Covers 2000sqm with Huge Stock.
Direct Selling.
High-Cost Effective product.

Clients are all over the world.
Professional technical guarantee.
7*24hours stand by.


The sublimation Company Limited , Is established in 2002, is a fair research development, the production,sales, the service, to a body international high tech enterprise, and unceasingly absorbs the overseas advanced technical achievement, for many years in the product research and development and the technical innovation aspect, throughout has walked in the market most front, more importantly ...

  • What is the Epson 5113 head

    What is the Epson 5113 head Epson 5113 head Currently used nozzle 5113 photo machine already on the market, then 5113 is a kind of head Nick. Epson 5113 is a new type of nozzle Piezo print head, the nozzle gets its name from its first use E ...

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